08-12-24 21:00

Core Competency

Product Manufacturing Capacity

CTEC has its production base located in the Yongfeng Science and Technology Park. In the area of 20,000 square meters, there are hardware and software production, testing, integration and commissioning workshops. And the place has been constructed as the 1st digital I&C industrial base in the country, integrating both safety and non-safety DCS system manufacturing capabilities. Now the company has had a whole set of production system, including warehouse, inspection and maintenance, PCB production lines and system integration production line, which runs on a full-life-cycle information platform with the whole process under a strict QA/QC monitoring.

Project Implementation Capacity

CTEC devotes itself to professional digital I&C solutions for nuclear power plants. Numerous successful implementations in nuclear power industry enable it the competency of engineering design, system integration, system test and on-site service for large DCS projects as well as a sound and efficient management process and technical system. With these excellent planning, organization, management and execution capabilities, we can ensure a smooth project implementation.

  • Focus on nuclear I&C industry for over 18 years
  • Successful experiences of over 50 nuclear power projects
  • Professional technical and engineering team
  • Comprehensive nuclear power I&C solutions
  • Long-term technical support and aftersales services

Technical R&D Capability

Research and innovation is the source to drive the company’s development. In CTEC these activities aim to help the nuclear power customers achieve a better security guarantee and more efficient plant operation at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact. With the acquisition of self-intellectual property rights and creation of self-owned brands, CTEC has become the leading corporation of the industry. Besides the national research tasks, CTEC is mainly engaged in the development of nuclear power I&C product platforms, researching of related key technologies and industry standards, and cultivation of professional specialists.

Main R&D Activity:

  • Construct the national R&D Center of NPP Digital I&C Systems granted by the National Energy Administration (NEA)
  • Finish the sub-task R&D of Automation Control Systems Development for Major Projects of Nuclear Power Industry, one of the important National High-Tech Research and Development Programs of China (863 Plan)
  • Complete projects listed as the National Torch Program and the National New Key Product Program
  • Launch the national key scientific and technological project – NPP Digital I&C Platform Development with its own intellectual property rights
  • Act as the member of the Strategic Alliance of Fast Reactor Technological Innovation