08-12-24 21:00

Management System

Project Management

CTEC aims to establish a complete, standardized and institutionalized system in project management. It focuses on project implementation with a work attitude of “Projects no matter large or small should be finished at a time.”

In 2007, via the implementation of the CPR 1000 DCS extension projects, CTEC established a project management system suitable for digital I&C systems of large-scale nuclear power plants. It organized professionals with rich experiences in project management and implementation to comply and release the Project Management Manual. The Manual clarified the management responsibilities and listed all requirements in detail by introducing practical and efficient project management software. The success facilitated the control of project planning and progress, which was generally recognized by CTEC’s customers.

Quality System

CTEC has put high priority on quality during its operation, regarding “elaborate design and strict process control to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the nuclear power I&C systems” as its quality guidelines. It strictly abides by the principle of “One-vote Veto in quality work” and aims “to be the best DCS supplier”. It has established a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001, HAF003 and CMMI to meet different demands. For safety class projects, it carries out the quality control in engineering design, manufacturing, purchasing, commissioning and operation in accordance with HAF003(IAEA 50-C,1996)and ISO9001. For software development, all the software engineering activities are conducted based on the requirements of CMMI L3 process management.

To make sure everything has regulations to abide by, CTEC specified in detail processes of software and hardware development, system engineering, equipment assembly and manufacturing based on its industry focus and future business development plan. The aim is to realize the standardization of working process step by step. On December 25, 2008, CTEC completed the compiling of “DCS TECHNIQUE REQUIREMENTS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS Q/GLHJ 000001-2008” which is one of its 863 subtasks and issued it as a corporate standard. The Standard took effect from June 1, 2009. It covers the overall lifecycle from research and development, manufacturing, procurement, inspection, authentication, packing, transportation to storage, which solidifies our experiences and expertise of technique, management, operation and maintenance and boasts the 1st complete standard system in Chinese nuclear DCS industry with its own intellectual property.

In order to improve the quality control (QC) and ensure a good product delivery, CTEC established an independent and professional QC team and a sound QC working process to make sure all ongoing engineering design and reliability engineering work in a strict compliance with the Standard. In this way, all the projects can be delivered 100% congruent with the quality requirements in the specification.