08-12-24 21:00

Case Study - KIT/KPS Renovation Project for Daya Bay NPP




Project Overview

Renovation of Daya Bay KIT/KPS system is the largest one in size of I&C system renovation for nuclear power plants which is undertaken by a Chinese company. It involves two KIT/KPS systems specified for the NPP’s Unit 1 and Unit 2. Through two years’ research and a close cooperation with Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co., Ltd., CTEC successfully finished the renovation work for Unit 2 and Unit 1 respectively in November 2008 and May 2009. On October 28th 2009, the project passed the technical appraisement organized by National Energy Administration (NEA). Until now, both the two units’ KIT/KPS systems maintain a trouble-free and stable operation.

 Project Background


The original KIT/KPS systems have run over ten years, facing problems like system equipments were too obsolete to get spare parts, the computer systems were backward, and the performance was not good and extensible enough. All in all, the systems were hard to meet the monitoring requirements of the power plant operators and management. Thus, to have them renovated became an urgent task of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.

On-site Renovation Time

16 days was spent from the equipments removal (including the removal of the original cables/equipments, the laying of the new cables and the installation of the new equipments) to the trial operating of the system!

Features of the Renovated System 


- Double-layer network structure

- Train A and Train B independent power supply
- Train A and Train B are optical isolated in communication
- Gigabits communication for the server is convenient for data
- ASY communication station and the outlaying of
  communication card are convenient for maintenance
- The independence of the RIC communication station
- IO channels are isolated

Features of the Renovated System 


- More than one thousand process diagrams

- More than two thousand logical calculations
- More than three thousand alarm sheet
- Around Seven thousand physical points
- More than nine thousand pages of design
- Near 25000 lines of PUD information
  description to realize complete KPS algorithm
  of nuclear power plant
- Newly compiled around 40000 lines source code

Advantages of the Renovated System  


High reliability

- Help the clients to save lots of follow-up investments

- Fault-tolerant and redundancy design of system structure
- the implementation of the functions are shared by the controllers
- Flexible configuration
Convenient maintenance
- Support hot-plug, featured in small volume, simple and convenient maintenance, etc.
Meeting current requirements

- 100~500mV, 0~10V, etc analog signals.

Connecting the future

- Support intelligent instruments
- The main controller can connect with other open I/O systems
- and I/O module can also articulate other open main controllers





Significance of the Porject


The renovated KIT/KPS systems adopt a new system named MACS 6, which brings them new interface functions and improved the system performance with a lower operation and maintenance cost. Due to its remarkable scale and positive meaning to the improvement of the nuclear power DCS technology, the project is considered to be a milestone in both the country and the world’s history. Its success shows CTEC has made a large progress in capabilities of project management, system design as well as on-site implementation and control.