08-12-24 21:00

He Yu: Guarantee Firmsys’ Application to YJ Unit 5&6



On Sept 13th, Mr. He Yu, Chairman of the group company CGN, made a visit to CTEC with the main purpose of inspecting the application progress of FirmSys, the safety-class DCS self-developed by CTEC, on Yangjiang NPP Unit 5&6 (hereafter called YJ 5&6).

Safety-class DCS is one of the key equipments in nuclear power stations, which is always regarded as the important safeguard to ensure the safe and stable operation of the plant. In October 2010, CTEC launched its universal safety-class DCS FirmSys after 5 years of R&D. It is the first one developed by a domestic company in the country with independent intellectual property rights. After 2 years of hardware qualification and software V&V activities, FirmSys has been gradually commoditized.

Mr. He supervised the engineering progress of CPR1000 DCS projects. He also visited the safety system production line and the mini-configuration system and watched the demonstration of the stimulated main control room for NPPs. After the visit, he witnessed the signing of the supply contract of whole-plant DCS for YJ 5&6 and had a meeting with the management and employee representatives of CTEC.

Mr. Shang Guanbin, Assistant General Manager of CNPEC and Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of CTEC on behalf of their companies reported the application progress and signed the DCS supply contract. The signing of the contract meant that the first Chinese proprietary universal safety-class DCS would be officially used in 1000MW PWR NPPs soon, which declared CGN had become the one after Westinghouse, Areva, Invensys and Mitsubishi in the world, able to provide an integrated DCS solution to nuclear power industry.

Mr. Zhang Zhiwu from CGN, Mr. Shu Guogang and Mr. Huang Xueqing from CNPEC, Mr. Wu Junfeng from Yangjiang NPP, and the management from CTEC participated in the activities.


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