08-12-24 21:00

CTEC Held 2015 Annual Meeting


In the afternoon of Feb 10th, CTEC held its 2015 annual meeting in Beijing. Mr. Shu Guogang, Chairman of the Board attended the meeting and gave a speech.

Mr. Jiang Guojin, General Manager of the company made a report titled Keeping High Quality and Striving for a Better Development. Mr. Jiang concluded the achievements of Year 2014, analyzed the coming challenges and opportunities and introduced the strategies and plans for Year 2015. 2015 is the 10th anniversary for the company. The main task of the year is to work hard for the successful application of FirmSys platform on Yangjiang NPP Unit 5&6 while adhering to its self-independent and market oriented way.

Mr. Shu Guogang gave a high appraisal of CTEC’s achievements in 2014. He expressed three expectations for the company’s development in the coming year. First, safety and quality shall be CTEC’s priority. Second, the company shall strengthen the marketing competitiveness. Last but not least, execution shall be enhanced to bring everything down to earth.

Individuals and teams with outstanding performance were honored as well at the meeting. Mr. Yang Zhou, Deputy General Manager of the company presented the awards to the employees. Mr. Shang Guanbin, Director of CTEC and other about 300 staff attended the meeting.

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