08-12-24 21:00

Non-safety Digital Control System for Whole Plant

It is a full digital Control system specified for mega-kilowatt PWR units, which mainly includes the following sub-systems:

  • Reactor Protection System
  • Safety-oriented Control System
  • Reactor Power Control System (CCS)
  • Main Control Room and Safety-VDU of RSS
  • NI Control System except CCS
  • CI Control System
  • KIC System
  • Large Display Panel POP
  • Backup Panel (BUP, including PAMS)

System Features:

  • Modularized design of the software with standard interfaces, on-demand configuration of software functions based on the internal software bus
  • Reinforced self-diagnosis design with the combination of hardware Watchdog and software task diagnosis to facilitate fault detection on time
  • Double layer network (FCS Net and KIC Net) structure to separate data from control network and application servers, thus to reduce the effect to the real-time auto-control system caused by human-machine operation
  • Redundancy design for important components such as power supply, network, I/O bus, CS CPU modules, real-time servers, historical servers and etc; data synchronization design based on the bus and software to ensure a smooth switching
  • C/S structure to isolate data service and application
  • Data transmission based on the deterministic real-time network to reduce the risk of unstable control cycles caused by network delay
  • Provide Level 2 arithmetic functions such as plant status, safety parameters, performance calculation and alarm
  • Open data interfaces based on Ethernet and serial links
  • FMEA analysis and statistical data analysis to check out key opponents or steps that may possibly influence the system reliability
  • Various I/O protection circuit designs to prevent I/O channels being damaged by transient signals, such as over-voltage, over-current and filter-wave
  • Signals of control or interlock-logic related among the control stations are connected by hard wires with isolation considered as well; electrical isolations in communications of signals from different system partitions or different safety class
  • Diagnosis and fault tolerance of digital system are considered when realizing control and interlock logic

Application Experiences:

  • Non-Safety Digital Control System (NC-DCS) for 4×1000MW Unit 1-4 of Hong Yanhe Nuclear Power Plant
  • Non-Safety Digital Control System (NC-DCS) for 2×1000MW Unit 1&2 of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant
  • Non-Safety Digital Control System (NC-DCS) for 2×1000MW Unit 1&2 of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant