08-12-24 21:00

Centralized Data Processing System/ Safety Panel System (KIT/KPS)

KIT/KPS are important I&C systems in nuclear power plants, mainly performing data acquisition and centralized data processing functions. They are the vital supervising means in CI, NI and BOP to monitor normal operation, system maintenance, accident conditions and post accident conditions. They can provide operators and other staffs with information on normal operation, accident diagnosis, and post-accident analysis and perform functions such as acquisition and processing of site on/off and analogue data,, alarm handling and display monitor, log record, historical data management, report print and etc.

KPS includes display of a series of functions, logic formulas and calculation, analog diagram, forms and other information as well as function of human-machine dialogue operation. Every function is indispensable and constitutes a safety shield for nuclear power plants.

System Features

  • Instantly accept large-capacity real-time database and deal with state changes of vast digital signals (avalanche), including alarms, logs and history records
  • Data, operation & event display ≤2s, picture data refresh ≤1s
  • Be able to acquire digital data with an accuracy of 40ms and analog data with an accuracy of 1‰
  • Self-diagnosis function, maintenance friendly
  • Be able to store and access long-term history data
  • Open data-link interface to facilitate data reading on a same interface in the office
  • Calculation and display functions of safety parameters
  • Provide senior functions of alarm card, AO/DEC/SPI/SPU procedure and power monitoring

Application Experiences

  • KIT/KPS for 2×600MW Units of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II
  • Computer System for Unit 1&2 (300MW) of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan
  • KIT/KPS system renovation for 2×1000MW Units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant