08-12-24 21:00

Test Data Acquisition System/Test Instrumentation System (KDO/KME)

KDO is a computer system used for system commissioning before unit startup, as well as test data acquisition and fault wave recording during commercial operation. It mainly works for the experiments carried out in unit commissioning and normal operation, and provides power control to the operator or visible monitor, record and analysis methods to the crucial experiments of other systems in start-debugging stage after the refueling overhaul.

KME is used for the performance test and assessment of NI equipments. It is a system relating to availability as well as the safe and economical operation of a nuclear power plant. It mainly works to monitor the energy balance of the 1st and 2nd loop, and the operational status of major equipments during the commissioning and operational stages of a nuclear power plant, with the purpose of assessing the operational performance of the units and key equipments. As a test tool to guarantee the safe and economical operation of nuclear power units, its role is irreplaceable.


  • KDO: The accuracy of the analog acquisition module is 0.1% with the acquisition speed of 25ms
  • KME: The accuracy of the high-accuracy analog acquisition module is 0.05%
  • The resolution ratio of on/off signal is 1ms
  • Modularization design
  • Self diagnosis
  • Supporting on-line download
  • Redundancy design
  • Strong extension ability
  • Hot-pluggable modules

Application Experiences:

  • KDO/KME for 2×1000MW Units of Ling-Ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I
  • KDO/KME for 2×1000MW Units of Ling-Ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase II
  • KDO/KME Renovation for 2×1000MW Units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant
  • KDO/KME for 2×600MW Units of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II