08-12-24 21:00

Containment Leakage Rate On-line Monitoring System (EPP)

EPP is used to keep the completeness and control the sealing of the containment as well as its spare parts to ensure the tightness during the operation and accident. By using the computer data acquisition and processing system, it can conduct real-time acquisition of various signals such as the temperature, pressure, humidity, SAR flow and atmosphere in the containment. After that the system will carry out a series of data calculation and processing activities based on the mathematic models specified for the containment leakage rate calculation, monitor its leakage conditions during normal operation, then store and output related data.

System Features

  • Designed service lifetime is no less than 15 years
  • Modularized design
  • Self diagnosis
  • Hot-pluggable modules

Application Experiences

  • Containment Leakage Monitoring System (EPP) for 2×600MW Units of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II
  • Containment Leakage Monitoring System (EPP) for 2×1000MW Units of Ling-Ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase II