08-12-24 21:00

Test Systems Specified for Nuclear Power Plants (T1 and T2 Testers)

The test systems specified for nuclear power plants are computer systems to carry out regular tests of the safety class reactor protection system. These tests are conducted to check out potential failures of the reactor protection system during normal operation and refueling overhaul. As the testers can show the operator a series of test data, they are considered the important means and test tools to check the threshold error, logic functions, and response time of the protection system.

The systems can be used in both the tests of simulation instrument system and digital I&C system. With a friendly human-machine interface, they can effectively avoid results of operational errors, and accomplish a safe, advanced and automatic test. Besides these, they also increase system identity and simulation functions which facilitate the failure analysis of the protection system. They play a vital role in the safe operation of nuclear power units.

System Features

  • Distributed system design, easy to expand and maintain
  • Support system mathematic modeling
  • Identification of system dynamic parameters
  • Fault diagnosis and analysis
  • Modularized design, small, flexible and stable
  • High-accuracy multi-channel input and output to satisfy requirements of automation tests for large-scale systems

Application Experiences

  • Renovation of T2 Tester of Reactor Protection System(RPR) for 2×1000MW Units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant
  • Renovation of T1 Tester of Process Instrumentation System(SIP) for 2×1000MW Units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant
  • Regular Test Device of Digital Safety Monitoring Device for China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) Project