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Products & Solutions

What can DCS do for nuclear power plants?

Nuclear power full digital I&C system controls all valves, switches and relays covering from conventional island to nuclear island, in which the data can have a centralized display, computing and processing as well as automatically drive the executive units. It is high-reliable, open, flexible, easy to maintain and has comprehensive control functions. Therefore, it’s considered as the brain, nerve center, operation center and safety shield of a NPP. As one of the four key whole-set equipments in a NPP, it is a carrier of all the key/core technologies, which directly reflects the modernization degree of a NPP.

By using reactor as a primary energy source, nuclear power units are considered as high-tech vital equipments. The control systems of them closely relate the process of nuclear reaction, whose functions and performance involving safety, reliability, accuracy and integrity may directly influence the whole NPP’s safe and economic operation.

What can CTEC supply?

CTEC devotes itself to providing professional solutions of digital I&C systems for nuclear power plants. During product design, safe analysis is performed through the whole process. Its hardware adopts a multiple design, software strictly carries out a V&V activity and communication system realizes real-time deterministic design. By this way it guarantees the function, performance and reliability of the system. It also adopts measurements such as modular structure, self-diagnostics and hot plug to guarantee the system maintainability, as well as measurements such as multi-packet filtering, virus detection and data validation to guarantee the system safety. The products supplied by CTEC have been proved by dozens of projects in recent 10 years, which involving almost all nuclear power plants in service or under construction in the country. And they achieved a high praise from end-users with a product-availability up to 99.99%.

Our major products include: